50+ Decision Maker fraternity 6+ Hours of Networking 30+ Business Meetings

Limited and Exclusive invitation

Only event for the decision makers who are qualified and profiled based on their requirements and challenges.

Market Specific Conference Sessions

With the help of senior executives we have crafted a very fine array of sessions reflecting strategic issues that have been identified as priorities.

Engaging Interactive format fostering

Interactive format fostering 2 ways communication by engaging roundtable and business meet to ensure meaningful discussions between the solution providers, industry gurus and solution seekers.

Meeting Memoranda

Do you know? Seventy-three percent of Chief Executive Officers know products, services and experiences should be more meaningful to their customers. But only 22 percent of consumers say that companies actually tailor their experiences based on a deep understanding of customer needs, preferences and past interactions.

Customer Experience; the term that has come to the core for business excellence in today's oversensitive, hyper-connected and super-competitive market landscape.

The critical differentiator has noticeable business impact especially when the key market players are fundamentally altering the benchmarks using hyper-relevance strategiesand altering the products and services in real time to adapt to customer needs and preferences, in turn setting the bars higher for customer retention, regardless of the business models. The series of CX initiated by Explore Exhibitions and Conferences curated with the help of market expert’s will be an instrumental initiative all set to tap various regions of Indian market, gratifying you with more possibilities and opportunities to further understand the behavioral change as per geographies and customize your offerings for progressively complicated and diversified customers base.

Evaluate, compare, debate and enlighten yourself using brainstorming roundtable sessions and innovate your CX roadmap using human centered design, customer journey studies, customer experience metrics, digital technologies, data analytics, VOC programs and more to design and deliver more agile, customer-focused experiences on multiple touch points and channels.





Retail and E-commerce
Travel/ Tourism/ Leisure/Airlines

Benefits for Solution Providers

Pre Qualified Decision Maker

Meet the CX procurement deciding fraternity from leading entities of Bangalore.

Market Insight

Exclusive opportunity to understand the pain points of the markets and customize your pitch before meeting them by hosting a round table with an industry recognized guru.

Mastered agenda

Be a master of your agenda by handpicking clients of your interest to meet after the roundtables and mould your pitch as per their need.

Limited competition

Only two solution providers per category allowed.

Pre scheduled

one to one business meetings arranged at your designated networking area.

Customized Package

tailored as per your needs and budget.

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Chief/ VP’s/Directors/ Heads of

  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Relationship
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing / Social Media
  • Customer Loyalty

Chief/ VP’s/Directors/ Heads of

  • Branding
  • Customer Analytics and Insights
  • Customer Strategy
  • Call Center
  • User experience


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